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 Healthcare needs innovation! Innovation in devices, process, and business models! Healthcare Innovation Institute (Hii) works with individuals and groups interested in developing new ideas, products and businesses in the healthcare industry.

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 Hii consists of a unique mix of expertise in healthcare that delivers both a depth of perspective and focused insight to provide innovators with comprehensive consideration, individualized advice, personal guidance, and a wide breadth of resources tailored to specific client needs.  

   Hii's team members are highly skilled, experienced professionals with expertise in: Executive Leadership, Business, Medical Devices, Entrepreneurship, Nurse Practitioner, Quality, Risk Management, Patient Safety, Operations, Nursing Administration, Healthcare IT, Population Health, Network Management and Development, and much more.  

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  Healthcare Innovation Institute (Hii) helps transform innovative ideas into reality for practitioners and business people. Hii recognizes the many practitioners and smaller healthcare entities where innovations inventions occur in devices, process, technology, and business models. Together, we collaborate to get great ideas to the market from all healthcare practitioners and entrepreneurs in Allied Health, Health Plans, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Clinics, Community Health, Private Practice, Staffing Agencies, Businesses, Hospitals, Academia, and more.  

Hii Philosophy

  Innovation begins with two words: "What if…"  Hii believes: 

  • There is no greater honor than to be entrusted with the quality care of another human being. 
  • Improvement is needed in Healthcare. Therefore - Innovative thinking should be encouraged and supported everywhere in daily life, 

What Our Clients Say

"I am truly appreciative for the work of Dr. Barbara Duffy and her team at the Healthcare Innovation Institute which through the use of their "Comprehensive Inquiry Tool" and several conference phone calls, provided assessment information for Heal2BFree. I expect that this type of inquiry would be useful to many other healthcare startups. It has truly been a pleasure for me to work with the Healthcare Innovation Institute, which I believe will serve a very important consulting role in 2018 for Heal2BFree, as we seek to help bring about positive and impactful transformative changes in United States Healthcare Delivery to markedly improve outcomes, radically lower costs, and eradicate disparities."

Edward Joseph James, MD, MBA Founder, Heal2BFree 

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Mission, Vision and Values



Healthcare Innovation Institute collaborates with healthcare innovators and new business model entrepreneurs to prepare and promote their ideas to the market place. Our unique blend of expertise provides comprehensive analysis of the innovation with passionate insight and advice to meet specific needs. We commit to helping healthcare practitioners, businesses and caregivers transform innovative ideas into a reality that furthers the health, value, and wellbeing of others.      


Hii believes in the optimism, innovation, and ingenuity to continuously redefine and improve healthcare for all. 


We value humanity, health, and wholeness.   

We support the premise that improvement is created when inspired structures and processes (including devices, and/or technology) are integrated and aligned to produce greater value-added outcomes.   

We believe quality care is an attainable goal and commitment that requires collaboration, teamwork, faith, and dedication to the ultimate purpose of restoring and maintaining health.   

We provide an honest, trustworthy service to help practitioners, business people and caregivers define and prepare their ideas for promotion. We are successful when our clients are better able to help others.  

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