Healthcare Innovation Institute (Hii) helps transform innovative ideas into reality for practitioners and business people. Hii recognizes the many practitioners and smaller healthcare entities where innovations inventions occur in devices, process, technology, and business models. Together, we collaborate to get great ideas to the market from all healthcare practitioners and entrepreneurs in Allied Health, Health Plans, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Clinics, Community Health, Private Practice, Staffing Agencies, Businesses, Hospitals, Academia, and more.  

Our individual Leaders have long been established throughout many areas in healthcare. This includes:

  • Many Hospitals and Health Systems  
  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Health
  • Payors, Managed Care, and Insurance 
  • Governmental Agencies in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Vendors Providing Services in Healthcare
  • Other health related entities,
  • Universities, Educational Association, and Educational Consulting Organizations