Healthcare Innovation Institute - Services

The Hii team of experts provides the customized services and products below. Prices for these services are dependent upon scope of the organization, existing documents, and discounted bundled services. Please contact us for further information at  

Hii Offers

  • Comprehensive inquiry of your Invention or New Healthcare Business
  • Individualized Analysis & Workplan from Hii Experts
  • Coaching Program with Hii Experts for advice, insights and resources 
  • Review of an existing Business Plan and documents
  • Comprehensive Business Plan 
  • Marketing Plan
  • Legal referral for Patent, Trademark, FDA advice 

Summary of Hii

Hii is specifically tailored to address the need for innovation facing the healthcare industry today - and to help innovators make change happen! 

The unique team of Hii experts with decades of experience are prepared to assist you to get your ideas successfully to market! 

Comprehensive Inquiry, Analysis & Workplan and Live Discussion

Where do you start with your idea? 

Hii offers a Comprehensive Inquiry tool to examine and think about your innovation or new business model in a variety of different ways. This tool is designed to make you think very comprehensively about your idea, discover your strengths and resources, and define your needs and plans! 

Defining, preparing, and promoting an Idea differs from the steps involved in starting a business. The Comprehensive Inquiry Tool will be a primary step toward building your business! 


Hii is able assist with business and marketing plans.

Upon completion, our Healthcare Experts perform an Analysis of your responses and create an Individualized Workplan for you. The Analysis & Workplan is sent to you and the same experts schedule a time to talk with you and discuss your plans going forward. 

The one-time fee for this Comprehensive Inquiry Tool, Analysis & Workplan by our healthcare experts and a personal phone call with you is $1500.

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