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The Hii team of experts provides the customized services and products below. Prices for these services are dependent upon scope of the organization, existing documents, and discounted bundled services. Please contact us for further information at  

Hii Offers

  • Comprehensive inquiry of your Invention or New Healthcare Business
  • Individualized Analysis & Workplan from Hii Experts
  • Coaching Program with Hii Experts for advice, insights and resources 
  • Review of an existing Business Plan and documents
  • Comprehensive Business Plan 
  • Marketing Plan
  • Legal referral for Patent, Trademark, FDA advice 

Summary of Hii

Hii is specifically tailored to address the need for innovation facing the healthcare industry today - and to help innovators make change happen! 

The unique team of Hii experts with decades of experience are prepared to assist you to get your ideas successfully to market! 

Comprehensive Inquiry, Analysis & Workplan and Live Discussion

Get to REALLY KNOW your Start-Up! 

The biggest threat to Start-Ups is not the desire to succeed. It is the lack of experience, advice and a roadmap to your specific business profitability. It is what you don't know but need to know. And at a time of limited funding, expert advice and failure are expensive. 

Imagine starting a Start-Up and being able to:

• Readily access supportive resources and information.

• Comprehensively describe the problem your Start-Up solves for others.

• Clearly define and engage buyers and end customers of your Start-Up.

• Explore other settings or applications for your Start-Up.

• Understand the who, what, where, when and how of your competition.

• Examine costs, marketing, sales, funding, and investors.

• Identify areas of potential risk and important data to collect.

• Determine production, transport, technology and network needs.

• Present your Start-Up business strategy to others VERY well!

The Comprehensive Start-Up Inquiry Tool from Healthcare Innovation Institute is a very detailed operational and philosophical “inventory” of essential elements to starting your specific business! It consists of more than 70 in-depth questions to: attract investors, develop synergy within existing structures and technology, regulatory concerns, defining early adopters, maintaining customer satisfaction, revenue streams, training requirements, storage, and much more. Tables customize priorities and needs while providing experienced insights and advice. Plus, Resources for Healthcare Start-Ups provides dozens of resources to: Business Plans, Marketing, Start-Up Business Course, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Associations, Investors and Funding, Grants, Health Data and Indexes, Innovation, Laws, and more. 

KNOW your Start-Up very well from the start! Both the Comprehensive Start-Up Inquiry Tool and Resources for Healthcare Start-Ups are emailed directly to you for $250. Click here:

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